The Ultimate Connection

You’re driving down the road, the sky is perfectly blue, the sun is brilliantly shining, you crack a window and let the rush of warm summer air blow across your face…what a perfect day! You slide those brand new babe shades on and turn the volume up on that perfect song playing through the radio. Not a care in the world, what a blissful, beautiful, care-free moment! You are just about to belt out the chorus when the radio turns to static… now infiltrating your perfect day is a mix of random talk show blurbs and pointless commercials as the connection to your favorite station cuts off.

A new pet peeve of mine, recently discovered from personal experience.

It actually goes a bit deeper than that too. I always listen to christian radio, especially in the morning. It helps me get my heart in the right place to start my day and it’s just become somewhat of a habit for me. I listen, I sing, I pray, I need it. One day I was driving into work recently and the very scenario above occurred, my station started to fade in and out. As I drove, it got worse! I would hear parts of a song and next thing I know two men are arguing over sports, or politics, or something else not very edifying haha. I kept getting frustrated as the connection grew worse. I needed that time with the Lord, and I couldn’t hear any of it.

Finally, I turned off the radio and just drove in silence. Then I started to think about how similar that is to our relationship with God. How easy it is to let other things in that break up and interfere with our connection to him. Instead of a clear, direct line, we let media, other people, and just plain old static distractions, cloud our contact to the point of frustration. To the point of possibly even shutting it off completely.

Sometimes, oftentimes, life throws us curve-balls. We are faced with big decisions and emotional twists and turns on top of the everyday challenges life can bring. Why is it that sometimes we can hear God so clearly and other times it feels like we are light years away from him? I think a critical aspect of hearing God’s voice is dependent on our deliberate actions to either clear the connection or ignore the interferences that disrupt the clarity.

God doesn’t move.

He doesn’t change.

He’s always waiting for us.

The word says “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” – James 4:8. The challenge is on us. The choice is up to us. The action depends on us. There are so many days that I let everything else in life take precedence over the Lord. Whether it be work, to-do lists, media, etc. Distractions will always be lurking, but I choose to let them in or not. The days that I do, I feel far from Him. I feel less connected. Fear, comparison, doubt, frustration, all the things I don’t want to enter my heart, start taking over.

I’m studying Galatians right now and I’ve been reading about the battle between our sinful nature and our spiritual nature in chapter 5. Our sinful  nature is deceptive, we don’t even recognize it most of the time. It is the natural instincts that we all have since infancy. Our spiritual nature is the part of us being refined by the Lord. The part of us that is slowly becoming more and more like him. The part of us that is under the most attack. And unfortunately, this part of us takes the most conscious effort to build up and grow. But we have to choose it. We have to practice choosing it. 

I genuinely feel like as I am writing this, I’m writing it to myself. God is teaching me all of this as if it’s something brand new! Of course if you want to hear God’s voice, you have to get closer to him. I can’t hear Mike as well if I’m in a different room, or 100 feet away! If I want to hear what he is saying to me, I sit beside him, and focus on him. All distractions aside. Smart phone down. Haha. This is all common sense, and yet, we act like God is such a mystery.

Of course, in so many ways he is a mystery haha, but his willingness to guide us, love us, teach us, is the simplest thing in the world. Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you. Turn off the distractions. Tune your station in to hear him, and then listen.

How is your connection to God today? Is it clouded by everything else around you? Are you wondering why you feel like He has abandoned you, or why he’s not speaking to you? Think about the actions you are taking to clear that connection and trust in His promises to draw close to you. He hasn’t gone anywhere, he’s waiting for you. 

Thank you for reading,

Happy Summer!


30 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing well and keeping cool during this crazy summer heat wave we’ve been having! I’ve never loved my air conditioner more haha! I have been so excited to do another pregnancy update for you all! I cannot fathom how fast this whole journey is flying by… how is it possible that I am officially 30 weeks pregnant?! I’m not sure if I even believe it haha! However, the ever growing baby bump snaps me back to reality real quick.. only about 10 weeks left to go!

I am a few weeks into my third trimester now and besides the bump finally popping out, there have been some pretty fun moments happen since the last time I updated you all!

One of the most amazing moments was definitely my first baby shower. For those of you who may not know, Mike’s family all live in Buffalo while my family all live in Boston, MA. So we had one shower in New York and another one coming up in just a few weeks in Boston! Not only was I so honored that my sweet mother in law and sister in law would throw me such a beautiful shower, but I was also so overwhelmed by the amount of love we received! People are so thoughtful, kind and generous. I can’t even begin to explain what that meant to me. It was such a special memory!

Another pretty cool moment happened about two weeks ago during church! Mike was holding my hand so his forearm was resting against my stomach and Noah did a huge kick right against his arm! So then Mike jokingly “elbowed” him back and then Noah kicked him again! They went back and forth a few times and it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever experienced haha! They are going to be best buds for sure. Feeling this little nugget move all the time is one of my all time favorite things!

I also celebrated my very first Mother’s Day and I’ve got to say… what an honor it is to be a mama. I can’t wait til he’s here and I can snuggle him all day long, but for now, carrying him around with me like an oversized fanny pack will have to do haha!

Noah currently weighs about 3 1/2 pounds, measures in at about 17 inches and is approximately the size of a summer cantaloupe haha! My app told me that from this point on he will be gaining half a pound each week! He loves to move and wiggle around and he occasionally likes to kick so hard it makes me stop in my tracks haha! He’s incredible and so healthy! Praise the Lord!

As far as how I’ve been feeling, people told me that the first trimester was difficult, the second trimester was easy and then the third trimester becomes challenging again. And so far, I can attest to that! Haha! Except in all reality, I’ve had an easy pregnancy. Not much to complain about. But the past few weeks, ever since hitting that third trimester mark, I’ve been getting worn out so much quicker, my ankles swell by the end of the day, and my lower back aches from the weight of this little nug! Haha! However, I genuinely can’t complain, it’s been such an enjoyable experience so far I am so thankful!

I haven’t had any strange symptoms like before when I was so itchy all the time haha! That has subsided and nothing odd has taken its place as of yet. I do have very vivid and random dreams but I also had those before getting pregnant so who’s to say it’s a pregnancy symptom haha!

As far as weird cravings go, burgers seem to be pretty consistent, subway still, definitely chocolate, spicy foods, and this morning I really wanted barbecue chicken pizza… how random! By the time I got home, I didn’t want it anymore! For the most part though, I have not had any really weird food combo cravings yet.. I’m sort of waiting for the classic pickles and ice cream situation to hit but I’m equally thankful it hasn’t come my way haha!

I would say the best part of my third trimester so far has been setting up the “nursery” and putting together all of the gifts we got. I can’t even put into words how real it all feels now that I’m folding his little onesies up and organizing diapers, blankets and bottles! I’m so ready for this little guy to come into the world! My absolute rock has been Mike. He has been so involved and so excited about every little part of this pregnancy since the very beginning! Preparing to be a mom is overwhelming in a lot of ways because everything is so new but having a partner who supports you, loves you, and puts up with all that comes with pregnancy is a blessing I hope I never take for granted! Part of what keeps it all feeling exciting rather than scary is that Mike has been setting up everything we need and supporting me 100% of the way. He makes everything else feel stable and safe while we get ready to start a brand new, crazy and unpredictable season in our life. I am so thankful for him. Pregnancy has strengthened our marriage more than I ever thought it could… and Noah’s not even here yet! God’s design for a family is the ultimate design.

Some exciting milestones coming up soon include taking our child birth classes, traveling to Boston to visit family and have our second baby shower, finding a pediatrician, etc etc! There’s always stuff going on, it’s such an exciting time!

Soon I will be packing a hospital bag up and I decided that might be a fun thing to post about! If you are loving these pregnancy related posts then also keep an eye out for one coming soon all about pregnancy products I have been loving and possibly even some I wouldn’t recommend!

I am so thankful for all of you, Mike and I cannot believe how loved Noah is already and the amount of support, advice and kindness we have received this whole pregnancy is humbling. Thank you so much for reading and following me along on my first pregnancy journey!

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